Why is a sponsor in the AA program?

As I have gotten a lot more intensively involved in the AA program, I get this particular enquiry a lot: why is a sponsor in the AA program? This is in point of fact the question which I asked whenever I first signed up with AA. And so, to be able to answer this question, I will tell my personal story of just how I learned the reason sponsors are part of the AA program. Let me just entice you more before I get to address the question in full. Through my time within AA I gained sobriety, and that wouldn’t have been probable without my own sponsor. And by way of my sponsor helping me, I became sober, and then had become driven to become a sponsor myself. Now, why is the sponsor in the AA program?

I got into the AA program as an alcoholic that had lost most everything. I’d lost my profession and lost many close friends and family members. The only thing I possessed was my crummy little apartment, and yet in the near future even that would wind up gone, and it didn’t mean anything anyway. I went to AA out of desperation. II wanted to change. I needed leadership, and I desired this coming from the leader of the AA program. I wished to be with the leader as well as among additional people like me. So I was thrown off by these sponsors, these individuals who had it all together. I didn’t want these folks around. Then I shortly after that learned that I would be having to deal with a sponsor of my own from the sponsors in the program.

I had been taught that this particular sponsor was in fact somebody who should currently have what I wanted. I met my sponsor, a man called James. James was in his late 40’s. He had been an alcoholic in his early 30’s, the exact same age range as me. He had conquered alcohol dependency and also progressed on to begin his own bakery company, get married, and then begin building a family. Really, he had everything i actually wanted, aside from the bakery. I soon learned that James might come to be my personal role model. HeHe had already been through the exact same thing as me, he obviously understood just how to be able to get on top of that then move on to live a wonderful life.

James James got to be my rock. He supported me over this particular journey, offering me a shoulder to be able to lean on any time I was tired, an ear to speak to if I ended up being discouraged in between AA meetings. He carefully guided me during this journey and made certain i actually got to the places I wanted to go. I understood that this individual was the only one that might give me the individual attention I truly needed, not the leader of the AA program. James made it easier for me to achieve sobriety. And I’ll tell you something, we are still close friends to this day. And now, I am progressing onward and helping men and women the way this guy helped me.

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