Who are rehab staff?

There are several positions in a treatment center which might be regarded as staff positions. You’ll come across aides, nursing staff, medical professionals, security guards, orderlies, therapists/counselors, activities personnel, group leaders and others depending upon the sort of therapy facility you ultimately choose. The reason for a treatment center is almost always to supply a clean and sober living space while addicts overcome the physical consequences connected with drugs and alcohol in order to help them learn life skills to allow them to continue to live clean and sober after rehabilitation is finally over.

It usually takes many different staff members to sustain this sort of system and every single one is undoubtedly dedicated to not merely their own individual responsibilities but to making the rehabilitation process a success for every single individual. To start with you’ll deal with the particular intake staff members which will help you to get settled in after which you’ll start to meet and communicate with other staff that will be there to help throughout the program.

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