What is cross-addiction?

I have known a lot of people that have battled because of drug and alcohol addictions in my time. I don’t understand or know what it is, but I have consistently been surrounded by individuals with addiction problems. I’m not an alcoholic or a substance addict myself, but I was born into a household where there were a lot them and i actually seem to attract pals who have got these problem. My mother, who is actually not any kind of a drug addict or an alcoholic, tells people it’s because I possess a silent strength and in addition I have always been a problem solver. She says that folks with these serious difficulties are often more likely to end up being drawn to me because some people can sense my strength and subliminally need me to repair them. Of course, I can’t fix anyone. This whole strength issue is obviously putting me inside a troublesome situation seeing that individuals with these particular ailments actually do have a tendency to flock to me. I’m twenty five years of age and I feel surrounded by individuals battling when it comes to all these types of destructive habits and I feel over-exhausted simply by my own attempts to try and assist these people as well as find these folks help.

In my time, I have personally seen moderate addiction to alcohol where the particular person is actually a functioning alcoholic. That’s my own dad for you. I have witnessed heavy alcoholism where the particular men and women have to constantly be drinking to be able to “function”. Really, these people don’t function thoroughly though this keeps them from being hypersensitive to the outside world that they may move about within it. I have seen nominal drug dependency ailments such as addiction to weed, quite a handful of folks I know such as my brother have struggled when it comes to this. And I have seen heavy illegal substance addictions, addictive problems that entirely dominate one’s life like addiction to heroin and crystal meth. A few of my own pals have struggled because of this. And unfortunately, my older sibling still does. And I’ve observed people have difficulty because of multiple addictions. Addictions to drugs as well as to alcohol or alternatively addiction to various different drugs at once. I’ve heard it defined as cross-addiction. But what is cross-addiction?

You see, I am interested to understand about all these phrases and so on since I have always been working with addiction so frequently. Like I said, i actually over exhaust myself seeking out AA and NA meetings, 12 step programs, and rehabilitation clinics as well as programs. What is cross-addiction? Is this a problem which might require me to find a unique kind of treatment from what I get now for those people?

God, God, now that i actually stop and think about it, it’s particularly sad just how engaged I become with these people’s problems. I get surrounded and consequently I try to solve. It essentially isn’t fair to me. I mean, I’m relieved I assist people sometimes, though it’s not really my place and in addition it’s certainly not my job.

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