What is co-dependency?

We’ve just about all heard the phrase co-dependency. However, not a whole lot of folks know what ultimately means. What is co-dependency? Well, it’s a health issue which people get that tends to make them dependent upon another man or woman in someway. It is an illness which establishes an unhealthy, fanatical love with regard to another man or woman which drives them to go out of their way for that other person, injuring themselves in this process, as well as can make these folks pretty much incapable of doing things without that other person. I would suggest there tend to be a lot of partners out there which currently have one co-dependent man or woman within the relationship. And unfortunately, this is what usually halts this relationship. Now, precisely how do I understand or know about co-dependency? Well, I developed a moderate case of that myself, as well as a particular case.

I was really mildly co-dependent for my best friend, Alec. This is in fact really awkward to be able to write about, I mean, it’s another guy which is a friend, and I had become co-dependent for him, however that’s the simple fact of this matter. You see, Alec and I met during high school. We’ve been good pals for nearly ten years. A few years ago, we did almost everything together, and this felt special to have such a strong, male partnership in my own life. You see, my own dad was never there for me growing up, he didn’t offer me the particular closeness which i actually wanted as a child. So whenever I grew to be so close to this kind of friend, a great friend who was very much a male leader, a strong male support system, I clung to him.

II started out not necessarily liking to actually do stuff during the weekends or together with other classmates unless of course Alec was actually going. I might prepare food for my own family, then Alec would often come over. I stopped wanting to prepare food in cases where I realized he wasn’t coming. Alec is one of those men that eats kind of bad and doesn’t constantly eat in cases where he should. So, I began going out of my way to carry meals to the man’s home and leave these in the man’s fridge. I was always making the effort to make his circumstances a lot easier as this guy meant so much to me, I wished him to be properly taken care of.

The fact is, he wasn’t thoroughly taken care of by his mother growing up. So, this person was without this attention. My mom took excellent care of me, and as a result I recognized how to give that attention to him. Yet, I didn’t have this steady male figure in my life, that he gave me. So it created this vicious cycle of co-dependency. We shortly came to the realization that what had been going on was weird and it was wrong. We had to take the step clear from our own companionship since this wasn’t good.

That came to be a painful time, however I did come out of it. I went to this shrink and worked out some of my problems. One day while I was with the shrink i actually asked, “What is co-dependency?” When he explained it, I recognized that was the thing I had been with regard to Alec, and consequently that I wanted to be able to alter that. And i actually have. Alec and I are still best friends, and yet because of co-dependency, it took a lot of effort to continue being like that.

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