Rihanna Rehab

While pop music phenomenon Rihanna is famous for many of her ballads, the song “Rehab” formed a splash for the absolutely wrong reasons. The particular timing of the production triggered a newspaper and tv mania and everybody seemed to be attempting to interpret the symbolism driving the words. The vocalist has recognised that the words will not be connected with drug abuse and even sex for that matter, but it’s kept many fans to believe that the song was crafted in relation to the particular star’s also prominent ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.

Soon after dating for quite a while, accusations of assault before long erupted after an event concerning a physical altercation amongst the two where police were contacted. Rihanna had experienced mild injuries just after Brown had beaten her inside his car. The somewhat controversial words of the tune plus the timing of the release date of the tune has caused much speculation. Several think that the track was illustrative of their crazy romance feeling that it absolutely was focused upon to Brown.

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