Rehab’s Latest Trend: Sex Rehab for the Cheater

For starters Tiger Woods, then Jesse James, who’s going to be after that? Relies on who gets identified serial cheating! Sex therapy is seen as much more of a faiytale compared to a genuine therapy stint. Even though sex addiction is indeed a illness, that which we are witnessing is two timing men looking to repair what is left of their marriages. To date, neither relationship has been rescued by the sexual addiction rehab.

Serial infidelity does not necessarily mean that there is an underlying sexual addiction. A number of men simply think it is impossible to be loyal to a single woman, especially when 1 companion is constantly traveling for work. Nonetheless, it is actually an increasing trend in treatment facilities. Unfortunately, because there’s simply no actual fundamental sex addiction that is causing the fooling around, the rehabilitation is essentially worthless. Couples ought to either stop being unfaithful or stop generating justifications regarding their two timing habits in order to avoid shining a poor limelight on legitimate sex addictions.

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