Narcotics Anonymous in Turkey

Narcotics Anonymous is actually a helpful organization that does not only help people moving into the country, but all over the world. Many nations around the world inside the Far east along with Civilized world hold Narcotic Anonymous meeting and conventions, which includes Turkey.

The initial Narcotics Anonymous convention that was organized in Turkey was in the year of 1993. Subsequently, the Narcotics Anonymous group carried on growing in Turkey and also nearby international locations. Currently, Narcotics Anonymous provides 3 or more NA groups in Istanbul as well as one in Ankara, Fethiye and Gaziantep. The Narcotic Anonymous groups in these locales execute Area Service Committee Events in three month intervals. For that reason, it appears to be irrespective of where in the world you happen to be, if you’d like for help for your own benefit or possibly a loved one dependent on drugs, NA is obviously a helpful service.

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