Narcotic Anonymous helps with Drug Addiction

Narcotics Anonymous is a nonprofit organization that works for the recovery of drug addicts. It goes after a twelve step program and it is group-oriented. It describes itself as a fellowship of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem.

In Narcotics Anonymous, the only requirement is a desire to stop using drugs. Moreover, since it is group-oriented, each member tries to help each other. There is a customary meeting for members to help each other stay clean, clean which means a complete abstinence form all mood and mind altering substances. There are no fees necessary when one joins a nonprofit organization.

Narcotics Anonymous provides a place for drug addicts to recover aside from rehabilitation centers. Typically, addicts initially join narcotics anonymous after reaching a “bottom” in their life, a point at which life feels completely unmanageable, characterized by “unemployability, dereliction and destruction” and centered around the getting and using and finding ways and means to get more drugs. Every Narcotics Anonymous member reaches a different bottom, which can be wherever the addict chooses to stop using. In practice, it is drug use and the intense consequences associated with its abuse that convey most addicts to their bottom many of them sliding along ‘this bottom’ for many years often cannot find their way out.

Regular meetings are the basic unit of Narcotics Anonymous fellowship. Assemblies are held in a variety of places such as church meeting rooms, libraries, hospitals, community centers, parks, or any other place that can accommodate a meeting. “Open” and “closed” meetings are the two basic types of meetings practiced in Narcotics Anonymous.In open meetings, everybody is welcome while in closed meetings, addicts and individuals who think they have drug problems are the people who can only attend.

Meeting formats vary, but most of the time it comprise time devoted to the reading aloud of Narcotics Anonymous literature regarding the concerns implicated in living life clean which is in print by and for members of Narcotics Anonymous. Many meetings also include an “open sharing” part, where anyone attending has the opportunity to share. There is usually no direct criticism during the ‘share’, thus only one person ever speaks at any given time during this portion of the meeting.

Each group has only one primary purpose that is to carry the message to the addict who still suffers. Therefore, the newcomer is considered to be the most important person in any meeting. Hope is the essential message of Narcotics Anonymous. The basic assurance of narcotics anonymous is that an addict, any addict, can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use, and discover a new way of life. Through the twelve step program and the twelve traditions, the members are given hope for a new life worth living and fighting for.

Every individual has many potentials which translates to every life should not be put to waste. He or she may fail, as in becoming enslaved by worldly things such as drugs, but a person is also capable of standing up from the fall and looking forward once again. Thus, the Narcotics Anonymous, focusing on those who are victims of drug addiction, speaks to these people of how wonderful life still is and that addiction does not mean the end, it is just a transitional stage for a new and better life.

Narcotics Anonymous are now based in different areas in the world. The organization is trying to make a difference. These groups have but one message to pass on, that in times of darkness, such as falling into the pit of drug addiction, you are not alone in this battle. The Narcotics Anonymous is there to support you and help you stand up and fight for your life.

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