Myths vs Reality: Prescription Pain Medication Abuse

Open up just about any magazine these days and you will discover an article about a person addicted to medications. The process starts off innocently enough, you’ve got an mild pain, you visit a doctor so they recommend pain prescription medication. You begin taking these and feel good. This should actually be the conclusion of the story, nevertheless, lots of people take pleasure in the way they feel while on these types of medications and maintain their use even after the prescription is essential.

Roughly 20 % of American’s have either used medicines for no reason other than to feel happy or have mistreated their prescriptions for the very same effect. With the accessibility of approved pain medications, it isn’t challenging to see how this could come about. Drug dealers now have them in their stash and in addition they could even be purchased without a prescription on the web. Regrettably this improper use of prescription pain killers has generated an astounding volume of fatalities attributable to unintentional overdose.

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