Miley Cyrus: The Fake Role Model

Miley Cyrus is a youthful musician who has earned the hearts of countless supportive little girls worldwide. Even so, parents are mortified at their children attempting to imitate Miley Cyrus, an individual they think of as a horrible role model.

Since her rise to recognition, Miley is not devoid of her share of debate. As a teenager, she posed for pics in her undergarments and shared them via cellular phone. She’s also been known to park in handicap spaces, claiming to experience tachycardia and using that for an justification. Never mind the fact that she is capable of giving high vigor concerts, walking just a couple of feet ought not to be a difficulty. Her well known picture shoots at the age of sixteen dressed in merely a sheet is simply too provocative for a starlet her age, no matter what her sex appeal is. By means of behavior like these, it’s no surprise that dads and moms wouldn’t like their kids acting just like Miley. There can be better role models to choose from for young girls to follow.

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