LA’s Underground Music Drug Queen (Stacy Ann Ferguson “Fergie”)

Stacy Ann Ferguson, born on March 27, 1975, began her career as the voice of Sally on the Charlie Brown cartoon. She later on proceeded to land a task on the long running show on tv, Kids Incorporated. After the show concluded she joined up with the band called Wild Orchid. It was her beginning to recognition after delivering a number of hit tracks under the label RCA. Simply 36 months later while on tour the label cancelled on the group Wild Orchid and it’s really then that Stacy started off her melt down. Depressed over the loss of her occupation, and also the uncertainness of her future, she started out taking the drugs Ecstasy and Crystal Methamphetamine.

She grew to become dependent on the drugs and disappeared away to just 90 lbs. Any time friends asked about her weight loss she lied and told them she was bulimic. Shortly thereafter she looked in the looking glass and was horrified for just what she observed and turned to God for guidance. She decided that she had too much talent to be totally wasting her life away and started off the process of cleaning up her act. In 2000 while working as a party area regular and back up vocalist for many bands and artists she was discovered by a member of the Black Eyed Peas who signed her on being a long term member. Nowadays Stacy is savoring her well-deserved limelight.

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