Is Oxycontin Abuse better than Heroin Addiction?

I have a query which will maybe assist me personally work out a severe predicament of mine. The question: is oxycontin abuse better when compared with heroin addiction? The problem: I have an oxycontin abuse condition and I genuinely feel dreadful about it. You see, I have got this particularly unpleasant back problem. All my muscles will arbitrarily tense up and not permit me to move. I can end up being immobile and then in agnony as I merely lie wherever I am, it is pretty terrible. The doctor’s think I have got some category of peculiar muscle reaction problem that I can not actually spell. They made the decision that I needed physical therapy that might help me work out this issue and be capable to move on. However, I need a method to deal with the pain in the mean time. So, he prescriped me those oxyconton pills. I only suppose to be sure to take one a morning to keep all the soreness at bay, however it does a lot more than take this pain away. It makes me come to feel so wonderful, almost like i am floating.

When I at first felt it, I was initially amazed. I decided to take more than a single pill one time and began to notice that this the oxycontin gave me this significant high. So, I started out abusing my oxycontin prescription. I started swallowing numerous tablets a day to undergo this high and consequently that is just what I am still doing today. I know, you are likely pondering just how I replenish on the medications given that I most probably run out of these more than I should be since I’m abusing the amount of pills. Well, I have determined a system to forge my medical doctor’s prescription and also the local pharmacy has not been doing a good job of keeping tabs on me. I believe they undoubtedly just trust my medical doctor to understand or know what he is doing and exactly how much he is granting me.

Anyway,Anyway, I recognize that Oxycontin is actually a medication from the opiate family. I learned that a lot of individuals that just can’t get their hands on Oxycontin because they are unable to receive a new doctor’s prescription or just because these individuals cannot find the funds for a new one that have been making use of that in the past turn to heroin as a replacement. Heroin is certainly the most detrimental drug in our world, but it comes without difficulty and low-priced on the street. So, there are a lot of everyday people with Oxycontin problems, just like me, which turn to heroin for a lot of the exact results that oxycontin produces. I’m apprehensive with regards to it happening to me and consequently i am asking you if my usage of this particular abuse issue makes me personally as bad as a heroin addict because they are related. Is oxycontin misuse more favorable than heroin addiction?

I imagine what I actually need to accomplish is proceed to rehab pertaining to opiate dependence in general. It’s apparent that I have got a difficulty that may perhaps end up being something more. I do not know just what levels this problem can be at, whether it might be thought of as bad as the substance addicts that stay on the streets dealing drugs, yet I recognize I have got a problem which I am not really going to be in a position get over without having knowledgeable help.

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