Intervention During Family Week

When dependency is treated with a thirty-day inpatient treatment program, the program typically includes a family week portion. A percentage of the week is devoted to educating the household members about addiction, its causes, triggers as well as what to expect from the member of the family receiving treatment. Family members may additionally participate in family treatment sessions. These kinds of sessions are supposed to highlight the multigenerational family patterns, trauma, family dynamics, and other contributing factors that may have brought about the dependency.

The word intervention means to intercede in a way that prevents the continuation of a behavior or process. During family week, one of several essential stages in rehabilitation for any addict should be to confront the consequences of what their particular addiction has done to other individuals and accept accountability for it. By using a guided family therapy session, each family member has the chance to say to the addict regarding the suffering and pain they have survived because of their addiction. This can be a very stunning and painful experience but essential for the conclusion of a twelve-step program and to accomplish rehabilitation.

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