How to Find a Meeting

You might be the first attendee or maybe trying to find a meeting from a completely new site, there are various of ways to locate a nearby meeting for aid.

There’s a lot of security associated with support meetings, therefore they may not be as greatly mentioned by individuals as other activities. Quite a few group meetings do promote in newspaper publications or even with pamphlets. The internet can be another useful method for finding meetings. Occasionally the telephone book will be helpful. Alcoholics Anonymous can be a single listing to use for information about meetings.

At times area facilities plus church buildings can have information as well as have group meetings. A local medical center might be able to allow information regarding meetings or who get in touch with about obtaining them.

Area drug abuse or rehabilitation centers can also possess meeting information or be in a position to direct you to the appropriate location to get in touch with. Make sure to find out if they may have the most latest location along with point in time information possible since occasionally group meetings will change area or maybe time for any various causes.

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