Harm Reduction Network

Harm reduction refers to a doctrine that allows drug users to engage in their own substance addiction in a fashion that cuts down on risk of destruction of themselves or other people. Rather than reprimand a person, the school of thought is usually to give assist to an individual that could finally support them get rid of his or her substance addiction. Illustrations of harm reduction tactics are needle exchange plans or even protected areas where persons can easily get sterile and clean injection products, info about substances and also simple clinical, treatment information, and access to health care staff. Not every one of these types of applications can be obtained around the world. By simply inquiring people to join up to for these particular types of applications, the wish is they might be demonstrated the best way out of their dependence. The Harm Reduction Network is a totally free, volunteer/participant-based program which offers assistance, information plus instruction to recovering addicts and also alcoholics through meeting and web-based chat groups. Individuals usually are arranged geographically and quite often by drug category.

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