Eating Disorders and Drug Addiction

Studies show that there’s a strong relationship amongst eating disorders and drug abuse. These kind of scientific studies likewise demonstrate that those affected individuals being affected by serious scenarios involving eating disorders may also end up with drug addiction to assist retain their own eating disorders. For instance, take an anorexic lady that’s dealing with image issues. Consuming stimulants like cocaine can keep her fat off since one of several side effects of cocaine is actually fat reduction.

Because eating disorders undoubtedly are a psychological condition, individuals that endure eating disorders and drug addictions need to be handled with regard to the two conditions simultaneously. There is not any defined design in regards to the particular problems plus future addictive problems. The obsession can be a result of the particular condition or perhaps vice versa. It really is up to a therapist to select the best strategy in treating a patient with co-occurring problems. Treating both health issues at the same time is called dual diagnosis.

However, it’s not rare for psychiatrists to miss the partnership relating to the eating disorder plus drug use. In the event the connection seriously isn’t found, the individual is going to be treated for just one condition but not the other. When this situation occurs, it is extremely easy for the affected person to backslide after treatment regarding 1 condition is done. The good news is, much more attention has been unveiled in the general public concerning the risks of eating disorders along with the addictive habits that could follow due to this fact. However, given that the media portrays attractiveness as being at least 5’7 and less than one hundred fifteen lbs, young ladies will continue to suffer from self-image issues.

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