Drug Addiction and Gay Men

I’m coming from Long Beach, CA. For those of you who don’t know about Long Beach, just let me inform you a number of things in relation to it. It is a big metropolitan area inside the southern area of California. We have the second biggest aquarium tank inside the United States. We have got a one of the biggest harbors within this country. And we are actually a Gay Mecca. That’s right, a Gay Mecca. We currently have one of the primary populations of homosexual people in the United States. I believe we are right behind San Francisco actually. Gay people young and old flock here and start up new and open lives. There has always been a life-style here which a lot of gay and lesbian individuals seek for themselves. And due to the fact there usually are so many gay people, the majority of remaining people, straight people such as myself, are quite accepting regarding them. This is actually a locale in which gays will most likely really feel secure as well as significantly less discriminated against. We actually have a significant homosexual parade every year. Some of the things I have seen have scared me for life actually.

It’s evident that since I reside and function within Long Beach, I come upon a great deal of lgbt people, particularly homosexual men. I don’t understand or know why, yet there would seem to be more homosexual guys there are actually lesbian women. Anyway, I reside as well as work with these homosexual males and consequently I kept help but see a new dreadful development among them. No, it’s not that they are occasionally over the top regarding their own gayness, it’s not that some people give me too much information in regard to their particular sex lives. No, it’s that I come by a lot of gay men that have substance addictions. Drug dependency and homosexual men are typically things which I come across practically everyday, together!

I don’t understand or know precisely what this is, but a lot of of them appear to have difficulties because of drug addictions. And it’s not for instance like I am only estimating because I am suspecting of these people. No, these individuals volunteer this kind of info to me. Of course, these individuals don’t feel that they are perhaps addicted, these individuals imagine they only utilize them for fun rather a bit. But to me, it’s crystal clear that there tend to be a great deal of homosexual men with drug addictions within this town. There are a great deal of lesbian and gay watering holes and such where our gays proceed to be able to party, and I’m constructive there is a good deal of cocaine as well as E in these places. I’m certain that a small number of of these folks are perhaps still unsatisfied about some of the complications the deal with caused from being homosexual and use drugs as a means of escape. Either way, substance dependence along with gay men are generally rather well known throughout Long Beach.

As much as I love gay people, this is a problem. Just thought I’d throw my 2 cents out there and see if I can some awareness raised or something.

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