Drug Abuse and HIV

There’s a direct relationship between abusing drugs and HIV. Borrowing needles in substance use will increase, significantly, the risk for contracting Human immunodeficiency virus. Human immunodeficiency virus is not merely contracted as a result of unprotected intercourse, it can also be spread by means of body fluids like the exchange that occurs as soon as needles are shared.

Quite possibly the most frequently used drug related to HIV is heroin. Users regularly utilize the drug as a result of intravenous means, which usually means they use needles to get the drug into their system by administered it into their veins. As soon as these needles are shared, numerous things can possibly be dispersed, including HIV.

Numerous heroin users inject heroin with others, which give rise to the frequency of needles becoming shared. This is why many group programs offer users with all new needles-to help lessen the spread of HIV. The best community program to make use of, nonetheless, can be a rehab or even treatment plan to get away from heroin and into recovery from heroin addiction.

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