Betty Ford

Betty Ford has attained much worldwide recognition as the creator of The Betty Ford Clinic, a recovery center specifically for supplying treatment for individuals affected by alcohol and addiction. In addition to this particular accomplishment, she also served as First Lady of the United States from 1974 until 1977. However, her clinic wouldn’t be started until 1982, after she would recover from her very own being addicted to prescriptions medications along with alcohol.

Mrs. Ford’s dependency began with prescribed drugs for a legitimate medical condition, a pinched nerve. It wouldn’t end up being long before she became dependent upon the drugs and also alcohol consumption. It was 1978 before her family would intervene. In her book, she talks about various components of her unique addiction journey, which includes the way the drugs and also alcohol consumption had made her feel. Although Mrs. Ford has recently perished, her legacy will certainly still survive through The Betty Ford Clinic.

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