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What does it mean to “work the steps” of 12 step programs?

My older sibling just recently began a 12 step program regarding her alcoholism problem. She may seem young, though the girl still by some means fell into this trap of alcoholism. My parents stepped in and informed the girl that it was either get assistance… Continue reading

Treatment for Co-dependency

There are lots of men and women all throughout our world who have difficulties with co-dependency. Co-dependency is a serious kind of problem which detrimentally changes people’s lifestyles in a variety of ways. Co-dependency is commonly misused in place of needy or even pathetic. Many… Continue reading

Relapse in residential treatment facilities

Throughout the country, there are a great deal of residential treatment facilities for citizens that are having problems with drug addictions and alcoholism. Everyday, lots of folks go through treatment for their addictions within these kinds of facilities. The treatments tend to be intense, they… Continue reading

What is Al-Ateen?

The other day I was complaining to one of my pals in regard to my alcoholic father. Yes, my father is an alcoholic. He seems to have been an alcoholic continually since I was a small kid. HeHe will get done any work he needs… Continue reading

Nitrate Popping and Gay Men

I’ve been told a great deal about a link between nitrate popping and homosexual men. I study a lot health-related magazines since I am sort of a geek when it comes to this sort of stuff. I work inside an office, and yet health-related stuff… Continue reading

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