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Do I tell potential employers about my addiction?

Today there are folks fighting as hard as they can throughout a job industry that is certainly not what it once was. Unemployment rates are at a fever pitch high while this fiscal system seems to have slid to the south for this past four… Continue reading

Cocaine Abuse and Alcoholism

There are a lot of people throughout the United States that have difficulties when it comes to drugs and alcohol problems. It’s not specifically that all these men and women have a problem when it comes to addiction problems. Yes, there are folks that have… Continue reading

How do I find Al-Ateen meetings?

I have found that painful, yet good position in which I realie I will need to accomplish something regarding myself. That one thing is begin going to Al-Ateen meetings. I’ve grown up alongside an alcoholic mother. I’m even now growing up together with her. Ever… Continue reading

Cocaine Abuse and Alcoholism

I have had a handful of fairly devestating issues within my life time. I’ve certainly not had any health problems such as cancer or something such as that, though I had diseases. What were my own diseases? Cocaine abuse and then alcoholism. These have been… Continue reading

Co-Dependency Literature

Across this United States, there are individuals which struggle because of addictions, eating disorders, depression, as well as several numerous personalities disorders. One of those problems could be known as co-dependency. Co-dependency is truly a phrase which is broadly used, however certainly not constantly in… Continue reading

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