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Grace Slick

Grace Slick, in lots of ways, was crowned the poster girl for drug use in the 1960’s. She penned the anthem of the decade, “White Rabbit” which is certainly loosely based mostly on the C.S. Lewis tale, Alice in Wonderland, with heavy drug overtones. The… Continue reading

Confronting my disease

Lots of individuals find it difficult struggling with their particular illness plus figuring out they might have an addiction. It’s easy to get started drinking alcohol and also consuming pills without seeing the actual hold they start to take on the way you live. Quite… Continue reading

Whitney Houston

Performer and actress Whitney Houston was most well known for her songs, “I Will Always Love You” and “Queen of the Night”. She had a surprisingly prosperous career in entertainment, selling out concerts throughout the world for several years. She presented her big-screen debut in… Continue reading

Bulimia Treatment

Bulimia is treatable, but it is a lengthy task. The initial step in bulimia treatment methods are to understand the eating condition is present. Anyone is unable to acquire support should they claims they’re not in poor health. Numerous bulimics will be identified by their… Continue reading

Harm Reduction Network

Harm reduction refers to a doctrine that allows drug users to engage in their own substance addiction in a fashion that cuts down on risk of destruction of themselves or other people. Rather than reprimand a person, the school of thought is usually to give… Continue reading

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