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Getting To Know Drug Rehab And Depression

Depression has a lot of myths. People think that when one pays no attention to depression, it will go away. There is also a belief that people of high intellect and of high accomplishment cannot have depression. There are even people who believe that there… Continue reading

Drug Rehab

• It is an alkaloid that comes from coca leaves. It is a central nervous system stimulant and it also suppresses the appetite. Cocaine is the name of this alkaloid.

Stimulants and Drug Rehab

The feelings of energy, happiness, and power, a decreased desire for sleep, and a diminished appetite happens when one uses stimulants. This can be attributed to the fact that stimulants activate the central nervous system. There are two types of stimulants associated with severe substance-related… Continue reading

Defining Substance-Related Disorders and Knowing Drug Rehab

Experts were able to recognize four substance-related conditions . They are substance intoxication, substance withdrawal, substance abuse, and substance dependence. There are different criteria for each of these conditions. Also, these conditions are manifested in the context of the substances most frequently linked to them.… Continue reading

Drug Reactivity and Addiction Help Here

When given moderate dose of addictive drugs, the offsprings of drug addicts, who are presumably at increased risk for drug addiction, experience less impairment, subjectively, in their cognitive and motor performance on some physiological harm than do the sons of people who are sober from… Continue reading

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