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Alcoholic drinks are not new to any of us, I’m sure. I am also pretty sure that everyone is knowledgeable of the effects of alcohol to the person once it is taken in the body. Typically, after drinking a handful, the person may become dizzy,… Continue reading

Substance Dependence and Drug Rehab

What people often referred to as drug addiction is synonymous to the diagnosis of substance dependence. a person is physiologically dependent on a substance when he or she shows either tolerance or withdrawal from the substance. Tolerance is present when a person experiences less and… Continue reading

Addiction to Stimulants and Drug Rehab

Stimulants are drugs that activate the central nervous system, causing feelings of energy, happiness, and power, a decreased desire for sleep, and a diminished appetite. There are two types of stimulants associated with severe substance-related disorders: cocaine and amphetamines. The effects of getting psychological lift… Continue reading

When It Comes to Rehab, Don‘t Let the Price Tag Stop You

Anyone who‘s been addicted to drugs knows that it is almost impossible to get clean on your own. The whole cold turkey routine is just not practical If you have been addicted to drugs for a long time, you need professional help. There is no… Continue reading

Drug Rehab and Substance Abuse

A person’s recurrent use of a substance results in significant harmful consequences is given the diagnosis of substance abuse . Substance abuse contains four categories of harmful consequences . First, at an individual’s work, school, or home, responsibilities are failed to be fulfilled. He or… Continue reading

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