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Why overtime is the opiate ineffective managers

More info…Its not just the employees, the managers too become addicted to overtime. And like many addictions, it does not happen suddenly, it grows and matures. drug abuse helpline

This and that: Carter award goes to St. Thomas Community Justice Project, NAACP chapter

More info…Its not every day that law students, or even lawyers, get to see meaningful change as a result of their efforts. drug abuse facts

Afghan opiate use doubled in past 5 years, as US struggles to curb trade that fuels insurgency

More info…KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) Use of opiate drugs such as heroin and opium has doubled in Afghanistan since 2005 with nearly 3 percent of Afghan adults now addicted, according to a U.N. report rel… drug abuse teens

Meditox Opens NorthWest Headquaters for Drug Detox Center

More info…Palm Beach, FL and Edmonds, WA (PRWEB) November 14, 2007 — Meditox, one of the nation’s leading and fastest growing home-based medical… drug abuse statistics

Suboxone Fast Passing Methadone As Preferred Method Of Treatment For Opiate Detox

More info…Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) November 1, 2008 — The primary reason for Suboxone’s rise to prominence – as well as facilities such as Meditox of Palm Beach that offer it? The drug can be prescribed… drug abuse helpline

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