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The brain-addiction connection : Opiate addiction

More info…A nice, simply explained, summary of the ways in which opiates act on the brain to produce the effects they do and the addiction that often follows. drug alcohol abuse

Ways to Help with Lortab Addiction

More info…Opiate addiction can be overcome. This blog discusses the factors of addiction. drug abuse helpline

Meditox Achieves Record Year with Medical Detox Program

More info…Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) March 5, 2008 — Meditox, one of the nation’s leading and fastest growing home-based medical opiate detox programs, today announced… drug abuse statistics

New programs aim to treat drug addicts, reduce jail time (Newark Advocate)

More info…NEWARK — With the help of $92,500 in state funds, drug offenders in Licking County might spend more time in a doctor’s office than a jail cell. drug abuse teens

Former nurse forged prescriptions, Crown alleges (Kitchener – Waterloo Record)

More info…A former nurse is on trial for allegedly forging narcotics prescriptions, including one for a drug addict who died of a morphine overdose. drug abuse facts

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