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New Free Information and Articles on Drug and Alcohol Addiction Presented by

More info…(PRWeb) February 8, 2007 — AddictionSearch proudly announces the launch of a new section of the organization’s website, where readers will find new, free articles on addiction, drug… drug abuse helpline

Methadone Dependency

Drugs are made to provide the human body health benefits. In such a way, doctors prescribe these drugs and patients take these drugs to alleviate their pain and make their conditions better. However, these drugs may not be that angelic all the time. These drugs… Continue reading

New study indicates growing number of people are abusing prescription painkillers (News-Medical-Net)

More info…This entire year was marked by an abundance of media coverage and attention surrounding prescription painkillers, largely the result of widespread misuse throughout Hollywood. drug alcohol abuse

Some Tips on Treating Depression

Many people may overlook this fact, but the statistic truth remains that nearly 12 million people in our country are affected regularly by some sort of depression. Everyone on the planet has probably been depressed at some point or another. But these statistic people I… Continue reading

Ibogaine can end Drug Addiction in 24 hours

More info…Just saw this on Law and Order SVU. Is it true that it’s illegal in the US because drug companies would rather make money off drugs that won’t help Opiate addiction when this will? drug abuse facts

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